Scuba Manufacturers

These manufacturers produce from dive watches and guages to tanks, wetsuits, fins, masks and much more!

 Air Line - manufacturing of direct drive surface supplied air (hookah)
 Aircheck Enterprises Inc - Carbon Monoxide Detector for the Scuba Diver
 AMPHITRITE s.a.s. - Dry and wet suit manufacturer (ZEUS). Distributor for Seatec, Cochran, MB SUB, Imersion, ESSEBI.
 Amron - Technical diving equipment
 AP VALVES / BUDDY - Manufacturers of BCs and CCR
 beco inner space products - worlds largest powerhead manufacturer
 Capricorn Enterprises - shark control device: powerhead aka bang stick
 Cis-Lunar Development Labs - rebreathers, Divecomm underwater communications, DPV's
 Cool new scuba diving accessories - We have a complete line of innovative scuba diving accessories.
 Dacor Corporation - Designers and manufacturers of diving equipment
 Dive Innovations Inc - A supplementary ditchable weight system that is located on the bottom of your scuba tank
 Dive Patches International - Design and manufacture embroidered patches for dive operators and dive sites.
 Diving Unlimited International, Inc.
 Force Fin - Dive fin manufacturers
 H2Odyssey - Diving masks and snorkels
 Ikelite Underwater Systems - Underwater photography
 Jamaqua Dive Centre, Jamaica Scuba Diving - PADI 5 Star facilities throughout Jamaica. We Be Divin'
 Jim Knannlein - Dry suits made to highest standards, SCUBA, Commerc. Tech. Rescue
 Liquid Fit - custom wetsuits for the diver who is hard to fit or wants special features or options
 MAKO Gear - Unique dive accessories and apparel
 New Dimension Inc - Manufacturer of the illuminated dive slate, Nite-Writer
 New Dimension Inc - Manufacturer of the illuminated dive slates, Nite-Writer I (EL) and Nite-Writer II (LED).
 Ocean Ray Wetsuits - Custom suits of the NET
 Ocean Technology Systems - Underwater communications Buddy Phone Aquacom hardwire wireless full face mask
 Oceanic - Wide range of diving gear
 Professional Scuba Diving Equipment - Ascanio makes scuba equipments for the biggest brands...
 Prosub - Professional diving equipment
 Reef Scuba Accessories - Manufacturer of dive reels, pony bottle brackets, specialty hardware, accessories. Great prices.
 Reef Scuba-The Pony Tamer & S.E.A.L. Reel - Manufacturer of industry standard scuba equipment-Pony bottle brackets, dive reels, hardware
 ScubaByte Marketing - Advertise your product or service on ScubaByte. Visit us and read more about it.
 ScubaPro - Manufacturer of SCUBA diving equipment. Online catalog
 Sea Vision - Underwater Vision Specialists
 SEVEN TENTHS - The original and leading Dive Threads from the UK.
 SHNEOR DIVERS - A Dive Charter, Supply and Manufacturing Company!
 Suunto - Manufacturer of diving instruments
 The Air Line - manufacturing of direct drive surface supplied air (hookah)
 U.S. Divers
 Under Sea Institute of Aqua Technology - Suits and Gear for Over and Under Water
 UWATEC - World's largest manufacturer of diving instruments
 WetPlanet Productions - Custom Dive Slates and Checklists with Your Logo for Free
 Zodiac - Scuba watches